Have You Adjusted Your Thermostat Lately?

Before we go too far – no, I’m not giving you any energy or money saving tips, sorry. You’re certainly welcome to share them with me though! Today I’m going to be a little metaphorical, but stick with me, the simple insights I want to share will help you to make sense of your purpose and focus on your goals.

It all starts from a simple question. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? I’m not talking about what’s on the exterior, but rather, what’s on the inside…the person that your family and closest friends know you to be. Are you happy with where you are in life at this very moment? Regardless of your answer, right now, you are where you are because of your habits, your standards, and your personal identity. Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world, and the only way we can progress or change our lives, our marriage, our jobs, or the relationship we have with our kids, is to take control and raise our standards. How can we do this? First, we have to understand that we have the resources to make this happen. Those resources are our money and, more importantly, our time. These are only RESOURCES, though, these are not our ASSETS. Our assets are our foundation; your family, your business, your health…your soul purpose. Some of these assets are not manipulatable, though many of them CAN be altered. Separately, our resources and our assets may keep us in a kind of limbo, simply plodding along until our number is called. Together, however, we become empowered, and our lives can be put on the fast track to their maximum potential. Again, you have to understand that in order to raise your standards, to truly change and grow as a person, you have to use your simple resources and apply them, with diligence, back into your assets.

Unfortunately, I come in contact with so many people who have chosen to lower their standards. Why? Well, because it’s easier, it doesn’t require you to stretch or make tough decisions. It’s a choice made by default, but we all have a threshold. There IS a limit to just how much we will allow our standards to fall. I call it the thermostat.

We set our thermostat, sometimes subconsciously, and let things go for a while. After some time things get bad enough; our bodies, our marriage, etc., the threshold is hit, and you kick yourself into gear so you don’t go below that particular level…it’s the point where you go from being tolerant to intolerant. Intolerance can be a very important part of your life because the more intolerant you can be, the higher your standards are as a result. This may sound strange since intolerance has such a different connotation in modern society, but intolerance is not a bad thing, in fact, in this scenario, the worst thing you can be is tolerant. I’m intolerant of having an average marriage. I’m intolerant towards having anything less than optimal health. I’m intolerant of being a typical chiropractor whose only concern is your pain. The more intolerant you become of your own thermostat, the higher your standards become. Don’t be scared to get in there and adjust your thermostat so you can begin to reap the benefits. Don’t continue to tolerate your unhappiness.

Some of you might be saying “Well Doc, it’s just not a priority for me right now. Things are going well. I’m successful. I’m comfortable. Why mess with it if it isn’t broken?” I completely understand where you are coming from, but what starts to happen when you become comfortable, or tolerant, with where you’re at is that you start taking your resources (time and money) and using them on something other than your assets (health, family, soul purpose). You become distracted, convincing yourself that happiness comes from your desire. Your resources go to satisfy your wants which leads to fatigue. And when you get fatigued you start to forget about your soul purpose; the reason you are on this planet. We have to regularly restate our purpose.

Over the years, I have developed a level of certainty that has allowed me to confidently say that health comes from within. The power that made your body heals your body. God needs no help to heal you, just no interference. The greatest doctor lives within you. When I first started in practice, I didn’t understand what this meant and sure as heck never said it to a patient. Why? Because I grew up in a family where drugs were always the answer to any health concern. Doubt was planted in me. Doubt that I couldn’t heal without something…else. Even after I learned the truth about health and healing, though, I still wasn’t congruent with my soul purpose. It took seeing thousands of people and years of practice to realize my soul purpose and start working towards fulfilling it.

My purpose is to guide and teach people to live up to their full potential through the principles of healthy living. I care deeply about each of you, and want to see you all functioning and healing at your full potential so that you can reach your soul purpose too. If you don’t know what yours is, have faith and persistance, and perhaps today will bring about the deep, personal, soul searching that is required to change your thermostat and find that purpose.

Health is not simply how we look and feel, those are side effects. Health is the optimal functioning of your body. This comes through proper communication between the brain and the body through a healthy nerve system. Being tolerant with where you are can have devastating effects, maybe not on you, but perhaps on someone else who needed to hear the truth about health. Many times they are satisfied with the lie that their problem is due to their heritage, or bloodline, or, because their momma had it. That person believes that they are broken and there is no hope. That alone can lead to an early death, or worse yet, an existence of suffering and debt. Tell that to someone you love, or better yet, step out of your comfort zone and tell a stranger when the opportunity presents itself.

I will continue to fulfill my soul purpose and on Monday, June 17th at 6:00 pm, we are going to be holding another life-changing workshop at the Powell Chiropractic Health Center office. This workshop will be focused on fitness and flexibility. As always, seating is limited, so reserve your spot now by calling the office or RSVP on Facebook.

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Blessings and health,
Dr. Powell

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