“Healthy You” Workshop Recap

For those that didn’t hear all of our hype and excitement over the last few weeks, Monday night was the “Healthy You” Workshop at Powell Chiropractic Health Center. Even with the worst weather we’ve seen so far this year crashing down upon us, we were at standing room only with every one of our pre-registered seats accounted for. That’s dedication and commitment…also ridiculously dangerous, but hey, that’s how we do things here in Gainesville, when it comes to the things we care about. Last night, our current and future health was on the docket, and there’s no question that we’re passionate about that.

There was a great energy in the room as we touched on three of our Core 4 principles (Function, Future, and Food) and how they align with the science and philosophy behind the New York Time’s bestseller, “It Starts With Food”. Most of the evening was dedicated to the themes of this book, covering the importance of removing denatured food, food by man, from our diets, and replacing it with whole foods, food by god. We sifted through some of the health myths behind cholesterol, and cancer, and simplified the way we think about our bodies’ function and how to remove the interference to allow the healing to begin from within. As the discussion came to a close, we gave away a copy of the book, shared an easy-to-follow meal strategy guide, sampled my favorite breakfast recipe (yes, I can cook!), and shared in a wonderful evening of community.

It was encouraging to field so many great questions and hear all the thoughtful input. Undoubtedly, everyone came prepared to learn and take control of their health. The evening was a firm reminder that these workshops, while they currently only happen once a month, are the heart of our health revolution and I can only see them becoming more frequent, as you all continue to share with your family, friends, and co-workers what we’re creating, and all that we’re accomplishing through your regular visits and consistent participation.

As always, I am inspired by you and thankful to have this opportunity to share my story along with this life-changing message of health and healing that’s founded in chiropractic. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

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